Indrani Desouza
Set Coach

Indrani is quickly becoming one of the most sought after coaches in Hollywood by actors, managers, producers and directors due to the unique approach that she has developed over the past decade. In fact, she is now listed as a preferred acting coach at some of Hollywood's top-tier talent agencies. And in a city where acting classes can be found on practically every block, her unique approach is getting noticed; she's gaining a reputation for getting actors booked.

Screenshot_2023-04-08_155615.png"I'm not reinventing anything. The age-old techniques are the same, they haven't changed in years. That's because they work. What I do differently has to do with my delivery. I teach in a manner that's approachable, honest and simple. My job is to give actors the tools they need to move into the Hollywood mainstream".

Her on-set coaching style is lauded by all those who have worked with her.

Indrani started life in Toronto, Canada and before discovering her true calling in the world of coaching, she was fortunate enough to work in the Hollywood industry for over 3 decades on the sets of Warner Brothers, Fox and Universal Studios as well as onstage touring with artists such as Paul McCartney, Janet Jackson and Prince.

Indrani is the founder and host of the new YouTube series, "The Actor Chronicles"

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