The 2nd location scouting trip to Hometown, Illinois is now in the history books and was a total success! We visited with a dozen or so homeowners who graciously invited us onto their properties as we searched high and low for the perfect houses to help us tell our story. We also did extensive scouting of the Our Lady of Loretto Church/School complex, various retail stores around town and the neighborhood streets throughout the township. The incredible support from everyone we met in Hometown was well beyond anything we expected, and we want to thank all who reached out to help from the bottom of our hearts.

We also met with the honorable mayor Kevin Casey who is quickly becoming one of the biggest boosters of the production, and we can't say enough about Brian Semmler who was instrumental in helping us out with transportation and logistics during our short stay.

Again, huge buckets of gratitude to everyone in Hometown and we look forward to coming back for another visit in the near future. The film is in full-swing pre-production and we plan on filming sometime in 2022. 

hometown trio