Guys Night Begins Filming In Hometown

Thanks to everyone who lent their support to our incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, we were able to officially begin cinematography for GUYS NIGHT using the February winter snow as our backdrop! group

Shooting commenced on Feb 11 in Hometown and proceeded thru the weekend for three days. The core crew, consisting of Screenwriter/Producer Niko Vitacco, Producer Andrew Baird, Director Dave Eichhorn and Director of Photography Louis Powell descended on various Hometown neighborhoods and city locations for establishing shots and B-roll.

B-roll footage is supplemental footage that is used to help tell the story in a film. Whereas primary footage (which at one time was called A-roll) contains all the scenes with actors and dialogue, the B-roll footage is all about the shots without actors. In no way is B-roll less important than the primary footage, mainly because without it being interwoven into the story, there would be no sense of location, no cutaways of things that actors might be looking at, and no "beauty shots", which are used to create space or time transitions between scenes. Sometimes these shots are also used to simply help give the story a comfortable pace. 

We are beyond grateful for the tremendous support we received throughout the weekend. Thanks to Mayor Kevin M. Casey, Chief of Police Lou Dominguez, Jr., the entire Hometown police force, Brian Semmler & family, the staff at the Hilton, and every one of the friends and neighbors who came out to lend their yards, homes, driveways, cars and even vintage Xmas decorations to help make the shoot a success. One thing is certain; when it's 18 degrees and the Mayor goes out of his way to bring hot coffees to the set, it's a great place to film.

Oh, and next time you watch a movie, keep an eye out for how much B-roll you see.....